About John Gaffney

John received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Television and Media from the New York Institute of Technology. His first job in the field was for the advertising agency Ammirati Puris Lintas, where he worked on national TV and Radio campaigns for clients such as Burger King, Compaq, Maybelline, and Lipton.

After five years and numerous campaigns, John moved on to become the webmaster and lead designer for a small marketing firm in Westchester, NY, followed by a year producing broadband content for the east-coast media supplier, Cablevision. He has also taught graduate level courses in Photoshop and computer animation.

John moved to Los Angeles from his home in New York in 2002 to start his own business designing and producing graphics, websites, and digital media. His clients have varied from industrial flooring companies to couture designers. His business is powered by a Macintosh, a loving, supportive wife, and a truly ridiculous amount of Peet’s coffee.

John Gaffney